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October 26, 2016
The world’s population is ageing. In Europe alone, the elderly population over age 65 will double from 88 to 153 million and the fastest growing segment of the population will be those over 80, tripling in number from 24 to 60 million in 2060. Low birth rates and increasing longevity are the key factors in this shifting trend in ageing demographics. Maintaining a healthy life is important, as an ageing population in good health will limit the pressure on health care systems. However, it is likely that risk factors compromising healthy ageing, such as smoking, obesity, excess alcohol consumption, unemployment, and lack of physical activity, will negatively affect the years people spend in good non-treatment requiring health.

Clinical Data Quality
October 19, 2014
The aim of this project was to perform an empirical evaluation of the impact of on site source data verification (SDV) on the data quality in a clinical trial database to guide an informed decision on selection of the monitoring approach. We used data from three randomized phase III trials monitored with a combination of complete SDV or partial SDV. After database lock, individual subject data were extracted from the clinical database and subjected to post hoc complete SDV. Error rates were calculated with focus on the degree of on study monitoring and relevance and analyzed for potential impact on end points.

Clinical Data Quality