About Us

Advancing science to improve quality of life for the patients

At NBCD, we want to support our clients in developing treatments for OA patients better, cheaper, and faster. To accomplish this, we focus on selecting the right patients, mitigating the placebo response, and improving the data quality in our trials.

We are dedicated to making a true impact in the OA field, and using our clinical research expertise, we work to improve the chances of success for all potential new treatments for OA.

We offer you a scientific alliance; a partnership, where you will gain insights from our extensive experience in OA, including our internal data-gap projects and proprietary database

We leverage our exceptional network of academic research partners, advisors and dedicated clinical research sites, as well as our unique intelligent feasibility approach, FeasIntel™, to identify and emulate the most suitable population and sites for new OA trials.

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Our Story
Founded by the Danish life science entrepreneur Dr. Claus Christiansen, and his wife Dr. Bente Juel Riis, we have a strong science legacy several decades back.
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Our Management
We have a 0% turnover rate amongst our Senior Management. The management team helped build the company from the beginning and are living examples of core values of the company.
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Our Publications
Being a part of the actual research is important to us, and as a company, we are science-driven. As a result of our involvement, our contributions very often result in participation in the publication of research in high-ranking peer-reviewed journals several times each year.
Our Publications